Stay Alert in the Toyota Tacoma

Our team here at RRR Automotive Group is very proud to show off what the new Toyota Tacoma can do. This popular mid-sized pickup truck is available with advanced safety features that can keep you alert as you drive in the greater Washington, DC metro area and beyond. These features include the Lane-Departure Alert and Sway Warning Systems.

The Lane-Departure Alert system automatically turns on whenever you're driving over 32 MPH on a road with visible markings. Cameras built into the body of the truck read the road markings and make note of the vehicle's position between them. If you start to veer out of your lane without a turn signal, the Tacoma will alert you.

The Sway Warning System works similarly. However, instead of reading the lines on the road, it pays close attention to the movements of the truck. If you sway too much due to tiredness or loss of focus, the Tacoma will utilize visual alerts and sounds to draw your attention.

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