What's the Deal with a Blind Spot Monitor?

Dents, dings and severe damage often occur when a car bangs into something the driver didn't see. Even the most careful driver can't overcome the troubles associated with blind spots. Thanks to the arrival of blind spot monitors, the driver can access some help.

A blind spot monitor is a valuable added feature. The monitors vary from vehicle to vehicle. One device may operate with radar, and another employs a camera. No matter the design, the monitor alerts drivers about the presence of another car. The alert allows a driver to use better judgment when changing lanes.

Drivers can't rely solely on a blind spot monitor. Physically looking to see if the proverbial coast is clear before changing lanes or pulling out represents good driving behavior. The blind spot monitor does lend another beneficial hand and enhances safety.

See how a car handles on the road along with how a blind spot monitor works. Visit us at RRR Automotive Group in College Park, MD and take a model out for a test drive.

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