How to Pack Your Car Like A Pro

Whether you are driving across the country or driving to a campsite a few hours away from home, it is important that you safely arrive at your destination. Packing your car like a pro is one way to ensure that you and your luggage arrive at your destination in one piece.

The first thing to remember when packing your car is: do not overload your car. There are maximum weight limits listed in the owner manual or on the driver’s doorjamb; the figure is for the combined weight of cargo and passengers. It is important to not exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The second thing to remember is to stow the heaviest cargo at the bottom, reducing the chance of a rollover by keeping the vehicle’s center of gravity closer to the ground. Placing the heavier items on the bottom also prevents them from becoming dangerous projectiles in a car crash. Large and heavy items should also be strapped down with cargo anchors.

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